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Boiling Point – Today Fresh Ramen

Are you ready to delve into Seattle hottest culinary trend? Ramen is an Asian dish of luscious noodles, bathing in a steamy, hot flavorful broth.  In this hands-on class with the Master of Asian flavor and techniques, Chef Thanh Tang, you will learn the art of crafting fresh ramen noodles, and how to customize broths and toppings for those little noodles to swim in. No more dried, little cello packs! This Ramen is fresh, hot, traditional and very flavorful. In this class we’ll make:

Handmade Ramen Noodles
Chashu Pork Belly
Soy Glazed Soft Boiled Eggs
Dashi Stock

Pork Stock

Then we will turn the stocks into Miso and Shio broths to enjoy with your ramen. All to be enjoyed with wine!


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