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The Bagel Workshop

Good bagels, let alone great bagels, with the shiny, slightly blistered exterior and densely-soft, chewy interior are hard to find. The solution? Make them at home! In this hands on class, Chef Lisa Crawford will lead you through the steps to create amazing Quick Bagels, New York Style Bagels, and New York Style Bagels with Preferment You’ll mix dough, shape, boil & bake bagels; learn which flours to use, why cold fermentation is a must, and what tools will ensure success. While bagels bake, we’ll mix up Scallion Cream Cheese, Herbed Chevre, and set out the Lox & Capers.

Fresh from the oven, enjoy Classic Plain Bagels, Poppy Seed Bagels, Sesame Seed Bagels, Onion or Garlic Bagels, and the all-of-the-above, Everything Bagel. You’ll have dough to take home for additional practice, along with all the bagels you don’t eat!

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