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Around the World Tapa’s

Join us for a delightful trip Around the World, with Tapas that are as intriguing as the country that they originate from. In this hands-on class, Cuban Chef Yary Oslund, who studied in Spain and France will transport you to four regions around the world with recipes that you will be able to recreate for your family and guests. You will make:

From Spain – Clams in Sherry Sauce Grilled Bread

Shellfish lovers will enjoy this flavorful recipe for clams cooked in a piquant sherry-flavored sauce. The Spanish flavors of this dish will transport you to the Mediterranean Sea.

From France – Pan Seared Duck Breast with Tarte Fine of Caramelized Endive and Cherry Puree:

Elegant enough for a fine dinner party, the French influence in this tapa will tantalize your taste buds – bitter, sweet, creamy & smokey.

From Cuba – Coconut Shrimp:

With all the tropical flavors of the Caribbean, served with  grilled bread – light, refreshing and perfect for a tapa.

From BrazilChurros y Chocolate

Churros found in Cuba (with fruit, such as guava), Brazil (with chocolate,  doce de leite,  among others), and in  Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chili, Philippines and Mexico.


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