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All Things Brioche

Bread like wine is a staple at the french table, accompanying every course at every meal. In this hands-on class Pastry Chef MayLing Chim will teach you the process to create a buttery, flaky brioche dough, and then how to add different ingredients; both savory and sweet to create everything from a traditional loaf to cinnamon rolls and the trendy open cut savory herb twists.  You’ll learn different shaping and braiding techniques to make you own unique breads. For added fun you’ll  learn and how make the most decadent doughnuts ever!

You will go home with lots of goodies to show off and share!

Brioche Base Recipe

Brioche Braided Loaf

Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

Savory Brioche Herb Twists

Brioche-filled Doughnuts



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